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The Better Life

Men wrestle with many frustrations and problems. Sometimes things just make no sense. We know the life we are experiencing can’t be what God had in mind for us — and that there’s got to be something more. The Better Life is for men who want to take hold of life the way God designed it to be lived.

The Better Life is not a curriculum, but content designed to facilitate micro-groups of two or three men on a 27-session “pre-discipleship” journey.

The Better Life begins with the assumption that God designed his creation to work a certain way. People insist, however, on living life according to their own desires and plans, with the result that we struggle with our brokenness and suffer the consequences of selfishness. Only when we align ourselves with God’s design for living, do we begin to experience the abundant, eternal life for which we were created.

The Better Life wants each man to see himself as an agent of God’s revolution who is watching for the men God will give him out of the world. It asks each man to actively seek a triad discipling relationship with two other men, in which they sharpen and encourage each other in the disciplines of the Kingdom.

The Better Life is not a detailed program of discipleship mechanics. Rather it seeks to establish a baseline for men’s discipleship. The process addresses obstacles that keep men from being consistent, effective disciples. It seeks to break through the church culture of consumer Christianity and replace an organizational/programmatic mindset with a culture of transformation. The process seeks to persuade men that

  1. God has a better plan for their lives than what they are experiencing,
  2. experiencing that life requires us to enter transparent, deep relationships where we can deal with our brokenness and experience redemption and restoration, and
  3. that life calls us into a mission of multiplying transformation into the lives of people God brings across our path.

The Better Life introduces men to several areas where they may need to step into a more in-depth process, such as a study of the biblical pattern for manhood or counseling for recovery from a deep wound. In the sessions, we identify and draw from resources that need to be studied in greater detail.

For information about experiencing the Better Life process, e-mail us.

Elements of the Better Life process

Session topics

1 – Introduction

2 – A Man’s Design, Part 1 (Climbing)
2 – A Man’s Design, Part 2 (Friend)
2 – A Man’s Design, Part 3 (Lover)
2 – A Man’s Design, Part 4 (King)
2 – A Man’s Design, Part 5 (Warrior)

3 – Taking stock, Part 1 (Admitting need)
3 – Taking stock, Part 2 (Getting help)
3 – Taking stock, Part 3 (Letting go)
3 – Taking stock, Part 4 (Coming clean)

4 – Taking inventory

5 – Making repairs, Part 1 (Transformation)
5 – Making repairs, Part 2 (Relationship)
5 – Making repairs, Part 3 (Growth)
5 – Making repairs, Part 4 (Sharing)

6 – Discipleship, Part 1 (Deep relationship)
6 – Discipleship, Part 2 (Taking up your cross)

7 – Mission, Part 1 (God always at work)
7 – Mission, Part 2 (God’s revolution)

8 – Disciplines, Part 1 (Bible)
8 – Disciplines, Part 2 (Prayer)
8 – Disciplines, Part 3 (Relationships)
8 – Disciplines, Part 4 (Speaking grace and truth)
8 – Disciplines, Part 5 (Doing justice)
8 – Disciplines, Part 6 (Suffering)

9 – Making disciples, Part 1 (John 17 men)
9 – Making disciples, Part 2 (Multiplying fruit)

Resource list

33: A Man and His Design
Life’s Healing Choices
Experiencing God
God’s Revolution
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
Making Friends for Christ
Journey into Justice

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